Our strong analytical skills and more than 50 years combined experience in all areas of the technology arena make us a strong consulting partner in the following areas:  Business start-ups, business organization, IT services, telephone, process improvement and forensic consulting.

eCommerce & Website Hosting
We provide merchant services, POS systems, eGateway, SSL services

Mobile Device Repairs & Data Recovery
We provide Android, Tablet iPhone, iPad hardware and software repairs, data recovery.  Even if your phone is dead, we may be able to recover your precious data.  Even if you took the phone for a swim or accidently dunked it in the toilet, we just might be able to recover that data and in some cases, recover the phone.

Computer Repairs & Data Recovery
We provide hardware repair services, network buildouts, troubleshooting and hand-holding accountability services.  Seriously, we understand “techno geek” and real English.  We have provided hand-holding accountability services for our clients and stood with technicians from the large firms while they work on very expensive equipment (such as XRAY or Ultra Sound machines) to make sure that what our client expected to be done was in fact getting done.







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