MegaByte Systems is a local company providing real solutions that work for you
today. We cut through the virtual-hype for you to get you real-wear solutions.

Our mission is to apply targeted technologies towards improving the efficiency of
our clients operations, sharpening the competitive edge of our partners and
helping our business customers become more agile. Your choice is clear, move
quickly to stay ahead of the competition with MegaByte.

We are a community oriented company that believes that giving back to the
community where we do business is just as important as doing business. Each year
we give to targeted community organizations that improve the quality of life in our
community. We do this in various ways such as volunteering our time and services
as well as donating a portion of our income to selected organizations.

Since we live in a community where for most residents, the nearest hospital can
easily be 45 minutes away, we support Pike County Advanced Life Support, a
partially paid / volunteer service that provides paramedics to Pike County. We
also support our local hospitals who provide our county with urgent care facilities.


E-mail us at info at megabytesys dot com


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